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Heated Hoodie

Heated Hoodie

Insant heat for the coldest night! This brilliantly designed hoodie provides you an outer shell to keep you warm. Plus, it allows you to adjust the internal temperature as the outside changes. Your ass doesn't have to freeze just because you'll swag in the hood :)           ...

Self Sustaining Ecosphere

Self Sustaining Ecosphere

Rule the world! But, have one to rule first :) Own your tiny world that has balance of water, air, and life. You don't need to feed or look after it as all it needs is room temperature along with a light source to thrive by itself. Your own world within your room :)           ...

Touch Sensitive Plant -60%

Touch Sensitive Plant

Don't touch my leaves! See, you upset it :) As soon as you touch its leaves or root, this plant quickly reacts by closing its leaves and drooping. This Touch Sensitive also known as touch-me-not plant is highly sensitive to temperature and light as well. You think your girl is sentimental? Oh, you know nothing :) ...

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