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Geekfactory Mini Office Foot Rest Stand Desk Feet Hammock, Orange

Geekfactory Mini Office Foot Rest Stand Desk Feet Hammock, Orange

Gamers... BEHOLD! Gaming for 10 hours a day or watching videos with pain and uncomfortable feet? Let's bring an end to this issue with this Desk Rest. It provides you with a specifical designed rest just for your feet and it's entirely adjustable as well. Not an MSI notebook, instead this one is what you need to ...

Chicken Leg Socks -53%

Chicken Leg Socks

The result of not squatting is obvious :) These ridiculous socks make it look like you have actual chicken legs. Apart from being super soft, the socks are extremely durable as well. Make your way into the room knowing you'll be the center of mock :D        

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Ice Cream Cone Door Stop

Ice Cream Cone Door Stop

Pranked! Turn a child's terrible nightmare into a trick by having some humor in your home with Ice Cream Cone Door Stop which will astonish your visitors at first sight. Watch their attempts of removing the ice cream and laugh to death. However, your junior may fall into tears seeing this :)     ...

The Moon Ring -41%

The Moon Ring

Will you fart with me? This ridiculous humor ring allows you to trick your date, girlfriend or wife. Entirely handcrafted, The Moon Ring is weird but also an amazing gift for anniversaries and birthdays. Warning! We're not responsible for those who get mad after the Moon Ring :)    

$17.95 $29.95 Check It Out
Prank Star Poo Dough

Prank Star Poo Dough

Ewww! Gross! Relax it's just dough lol. You're thinking what I'm thinking? Put it right in front of your neighbour's front door. Prank your old man by putting it into his car, throw fake poo to street and prank even the dogs :) Comes with a shaper, it's the funniest bait you'll ever see.

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