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LEGO Architecture the White House

LEGO Architecture the White House

Rebuild the nation's Head of State! This replica both involves the architectural design of white house and the detailed history telling unlike other castle, arena lego shits. Stop your little zombie from rotting in front of TV all day and give him something that requires talent this time.     ...

Allwood Kit Cabin Claudia

Allwood Kit Cabin Claudia

Having trust issues with estates? Then, craft your own holiday! Claudia is a high quality cottage style wood cabin kit with windows on 3 walls that allows abundant natural lights inside. Don't waste your time on web, just buy and build instead.  

$8,700.00 Check It Out
Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit -49%

Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Like Anakin Skywalker let your youngster to create his or her own droid with this Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit. Involving everything to create and control the droid, this kit provides a personal customization also. Who let the droids out? Beep! Drrrep! Weeop!           ...

$50.00 $99.95 Check It Out
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